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The Podcast

The Wildly Aligned Podcast brings you deep, conscious conversations as medicine to support your evolution into the new paradigm of how we create, manifest, and contribute in our work and lives.  Join in on discussions that will help you to unveil your authentic truth, discover your original gifts, unlock your souls purpose, and step into your higher self.  This is your space to have support in understanding who you are and what you were put on earth to fulfill. 

The world is waking up.  Welcome to the transition team.

The Wildly Aligned Podcast's intention is to create a container for you to spill open.  I encourage listeners to tune in with an open heart, mind, and a willingness to see things with a new perspective.  I believe that each and every individual is here with a very important purpose to live out and it is my calling to help you to find out what that is, help you develop the courage to listen to your intuitions guidance, and to help you cultivate the bravery to choose to follow the flow of what lights you up.


Wildly Aligned | : In proper and balanced harmony; Living and growing in rhythm to its natural state; Untamed, natural, free. Boundless freedom to be who you ARE.

What does it mean to be Wildly Aligned? 

We hear the words alignment, manifestation, vibes, and the like thrown around a lot nowadays, but to me, the key to truly creating and manifesting our desires resides in our ability to live in alignment within the present tense.  Often times, when we embark on a journey of setting intentions, working to achieve growth and transformation, and cultivating our dreams for our personal and professional lives, we can very quickly get stuck in the trap of sacrificing fulfillment and joy in the present.  We get trapped in the thoughts of 'When I achieve....Then i'll be", but the reality is:  We are far more powerful than we give ourselves credit and we can truly actualize our desires NOW simply by embracing our own power within Wild Alignment.  Choosing to approach our work and lives from a space of Wild Alignment is choosing to live our lives to fullest capacity and vibrancy today.  It is choosing to reclaim our power in the present tense.  Living in Wild Alignment is unlearning and rewilding; shedding the falsehoods and old paradigm that has tried to convince us that we have to seek, achieve or obtain external things in order to be what we already are.  To embrace your own Wild Alignment is to come back home to your true essence. From the space of Wild Alignment, all things are possible.  I believe this is the space to which great change and positive transformation can occur not only for the individual, but for the entire collective. 



To choose Wild Alignment is to allow the old program of what is masking your core essence and authentic purpose to fall away so that you can come back home to your wild, untamed, natural state of truth.  Its time to create, manifest, and contribute with boundless freedom.

If you're inspired by this podcast, I would love for you to leave a review, subscribe, and share with those who you think need these messages.  For more intimate support on your personal or professional journey, or to simply stop by and say hi, feel free to reach out and connect more!  

In Peace + Abundance,

Natalie Brite