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about me

Hi, Friend!

I'm Natalie- Host of The Wildly Aligned Podcast + Blog.  I am an Intuitive Business Activation and Life Alignment Coach, Speaker, Artist, and Writer.  My work and life is guided by mama Earth, the cosmos, intuition, and creative expression.  I am what many would refer to as a free spirit; I beat to the tune of my own drum and encourage others to do the same.  I carry the human design of a Manifesting Generator and the personality archetypes of the rebel, creator, sage and magician.  What does that all mean?  Well, my personal power is best activated by focusing on aligning with my purpose and gifts within and  then summoning that inner alignment by taking massive inspired action in the external world.  I am a visionary and fire starter, and love to blaze my own path.  My calling is to create with boundless freedom, to express my authentic truth vulnerably...to transmute, transform, and make shift happen, and to share my medicine + message with the world.  I believe that the world is waking up to a new paradigm for how we create, manifest and contribute and business and life, and it is my intention to be a part of that transition team.


My medicine helps individuals to awaken to their higher power and activate their authentic purpose so that they can create and manifest from a space of intuition and alignment for the highest good of all. I specialize in using metaphysics, science, spirituality, intuition and alignment to guide individuals in coming back home to who they truly are so that they can activate the purpose they came to this earth to fulfill.  I work heavily with belief system work, disrupting unconscious programming, developing authenticity, reawakening inner power, cultivating brand presence, and supporting Soulpreneurs in building soul-aligned businesses.  I am a catalyst for creative expression and a guide for discovering your gifts so that you can become a deliberate creator of your life, live your truth and activate your limitless potential.